The pilot test offers to beekeepers and enterprises, a free trial of our automatic counter of varroas, based on artificial intelligence.

The users will be able to analyze unlimited pictures and obtain the varroas diagnostic totally free, allowing enrich our knowledge database, enhance the artificial intelligence machine and our results quality.


With BeeMapping-BeeSafe beekeepers will be able to reduce cost thanks to his speed, precision and easy use.

The 1000 first beekeepers will be able to participate totally free in the pilot test.


And receive our invitation by email

Upload pictures

Of the adherent paper of your beehives

The Artificial Intelligence system analyze

the images and automatically counts the varroas

Take right decisions

Of the treatment to apply

The user upload images of his apiary

The new image flows towards the training process of the artificial intelligence machine.

Artificial intelligence system analyze the images and returns the varroas counting results to the user.

Improves the machine power and results quality.

This project is sponsored by the Inter-American Development Bank IDB and the National Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation of Panama (SENACYT), through the seed capital 2017 call and is incubated by the Ideas Master Foundation.

Join the sponsors!

With a small contribution we can strengthen our campaigns and take our project to the next level.


✔ Save time, money.

✔ Reduce your production costs.

✔ Take right decisions for more efficient treatments.


Gain a 25 pictures bonus!

For every 100 pictures that you upload to our application

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